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Paul Ireland

Paul Ireland   
I first got to grips with computers in the 80s when the Sinclair ZX81 was introduced at school, and my first home computer was a Dragon 32 (back then kid's consoles could be programmed, not like the kid's consoles of today - Xbox/PS2 - which are basically toys). After gaining O levels and A levels (including Computer Studies), I got an honours degree in Computer Science at Aston University in 1989, then moved down to London to work for a variety of companies from small multimedia agencies to large financial companies and large publishing houses.

Although my original qualifications were in the technical side of computers and software, over the years I have taught myself, learnt tricks of the trade from colleagues, and gained the more artistic skills (design, typography, graphics) that are required for this work. To some extent this has been easy since most graphics nowadays are computer generated anyway, and knowing your way around software puts you at a definitive advantage in this area. There is a common misconception that you are either a techie or a creative, but you cannot be both - I wholeheartedly disagree with this misconception. There are plenty of people that have both skills, e.g. musicians and song writers (music is an art but it is also very technical), painters need to understand the technicalities of light, architecture and human form, the latest CGI (computer generated imagery) movies like Shrek are created by artistic 3D animators using very technical software, and generally most graphic design is created by people who have learnt to use quite technical packages.

Seeking greater creative challenges, I founded Abstract Worlds Ltd, in 1998, and moved back to my home town of Wellingborough, Northants, still only an hour's train ride from London. Although the company designed and developed 3D technology for business applications and 3D games for the PC and Java mobile phones, it was becoming apparent that more work was coming in via referrals for web design and development. Eventually work on the sitebuilder commenced in 2005 in order to fill a gap in the market and to allow us to focus on one innovative website solution which could meet the needs of many companies, which could also be offered at a greatly reduced price due to economies of scale.

My interests include photography, keeping fit, martial arts training, and snowboarding.

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