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Best ecommerce solution

What is the best ecommerce solution?

This question often gets asked in business forums, and often gets answered by other businesses who are keen about the solution they use, or by ecommerce suppliers who are trying to sell their solution. You will also find some supplier sites offering comparison charts which show their solution to be the best out of a number of solutions.

Ecommerce is such a broad field, with so many different types of solutions, that asking this question in isolation is a bit like asking:

"What is the best form of transport."

Suitable transport depends upon what you want to do, where you want to go, what you want to take with you, how much you can afford, and has many different answers depending upon your requirements. The best form of transport for one person is not necessarily the best form of tranport for another person.

It is exactly the same situation with ecommerce solutions. There is no best ecommerce solution per se. It depends on your particular requirements, what type of company you are, how technical are you, what products do you sell, how many different types of products do you sell, how complex are the product options, who and where are your intended audience, how are you going to market your service, do you have any other special requirements and what is your budget.

Once you have narrowed down what you are looking for then you can ask a more specific question that makes more sense according to your own specific requirements, the equivalent of asking "what is the best UK family hatchback car" rather than asking "what is the best form of transport".

But as with having a choice of cars that meet a certain criteria, don't be surprised to find a number of ecommerce solutions that still meet your specific criteria, so maybe at this point it is then just a question doing your research, speaking to other happy customers, and choosing a supplier who you trust offering designs that you like.

We could turn the original question on its head and ask:

"What type of ecommerce business requirements is the A Web Apart service aimed at?"

In which case the answer would be:

Our ecommerce service is aimed at small UK business who want to get into ecommerce with a low cost of entry with fixed costs, who would beneft from handholding and advice, who want to get on with their business rather than becoming software owners and techies, who see their web presence as an important part of their business and who want an ongoing strategic partner to help them with this, who find that the features and flexibility of our system match their needs, who are happy to work within the design constraints of our system and have realistic expectations, and who have from a few products up to several hundred products of medium complexity. Even then our service is not a panacea, it is not for everybody, which is why our free initial consultation is so important to see if our service is a suitable solution for a client.

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