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01 Mar 07: New website launched

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It has been coming soon for over a year, but the new website has finally arrived. In the past we had been so busy with the sitebuilder and our clients that we were forced to leave the website as a single page static HTML designed 'coming soon' website.

Due to important client feedback during the pilot programme we also ended up slipping intended release dates to accommodate more features that our clients needed. For instance, it was never our original intention to have an e-commerce capability, then after new client requests we made the sitebuilder work with the external PayPal basket, but this wasn't appropriate for some of our newer clients, so we made the big decision to embed our own customised version of an open source ecommerce system into the sitebuilder for advanced e-commerce features.

As from today we have the website structure in place to start loading content, and yes we are using our own sitebuilder for this site - it is important to practise what we preach!

This is a quiet website launch, mainly done to provide more information to interested parties. We are not making a song and dance about our service just yet. We are still planning to officially launch the service later in the year when the time is right. Our sitebuilder version is still in the 0.9x final beta versions, and we haven't put everything in place with our system or our service to call it v1.0 yet. But that doesn't mean that clients cannot go live with our system, client websites have been going live using our platform since late 2005!

This site will get populated with more and more content. We see this site as a continually growing website, with news, articles, and client sites being added on a regular basis.

If you do have any questions, please contact us.

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