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one stop shop

An all-in-one service for getting a web presence.

Our sitebuilder service aims to be a one-stop shop for small businesses wanting a web presence. We handle everything from web design to web hosting. With a single supplier, the supplier cannot blame another company when things go wrong. We feel that this is what businesses really want when getting into the web, they don't want a multi-supplier solution where different suppliers pull the wool over clients eyes and pass the buck. The buck stops here.

There are 2 areas which we do not normally provide a service in:

1. Web domain name purchase

We feel strongly that the client should be in complete control of their domain name, to register it with their own details, and more importantly, to have control panel access to it from an established UK domain name registrar. This puts the client in control of their most important web asset, and it means the client has the choice to walk away from their website supplier in the future if necessary. Be careful of website suppliers who register the domain for you as they sometimes use this a way to tie the client in. If you really want us to do this, we will do it just to speed things up, but we prefer it if you do it yourself. We recommend that clients purchase their domains from:

(when purchasing a domain, just purchase the domain only, our sitebuilder service provides the webhosting, email, sitebuilder, etc)

2. E-commerce Payment Provider

Obviously a client wanting to sell things online from their website should not expect us to set up their payment provider account, e.g. their PayPal account, just like they wouldn't expect us to set up their business bank account for them.

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